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ITV will ‘watch closely’ Channel 4’s private marketplace rollout, says commercial chief Simon Daglish


By Jessica Davies, News Editor

November 13, 2014 | 3 min read

ITV is planning to “watch closely” the progress of Channel 4’s private marketplace, which will see it open up its catch-up TV inventory to be traded programmatically for the first time.

Speaking to The Drum following the news of the 2015 launch, ITV’s commercial director Simon Daglish said that although it currently has no plans to follow suit, it will be paying close attention to how the launch plays out.

“It’s an interesting development which we will be watching closely,” he said.

Channel 4’s marketplace will pull in first-party data from its 11.5 million-strong registered viewer base, letting advertisers hone their personalised targeting.

ITV has also been gathering its own registered viewer data over the last few years as part of its ongoing data initiative, and has currently collated permission-based data from some seven million viewers.

However, it is yet to reveal if this will result in it launching its own programmatic marketplace, and Daglish dismissed the notion that advertisers are laying on pressure for it do so.

Ad fraud, and viewability obstacles that arise in the programmatic trading space as a result of third-party data – which unlike first-party isn’t provided freely by customers – remain barriers to its full uptake in the mainstream broadcast space, according to Daglish.

He added that third-party data is “under pressure” to prove itself accurate, and that for media owners and brands such as ITV, Channel 4, and Sky, permission-based, “bonafide” first-part data that can plug in directly with brand advertiser data is what matters most.

However, he said there will always be a role for third-party data, and stressed that ITV’s stance is supportive of programmatic trading in general, albeit also cautious.

“We are not feeling undue pressure from advertisers, but we are being very particular and robust in our approach, and making sure our data is the highest quality.

“It’s important to stress that ITV is not anti-programmatic. We are very interested in this area – we’d be silly not to be – but we won’t rush it,” he added.

He reiterated that the automated side of programmatic trading is not new to digital, but has existed in the TV market for years. Any companies in the ad-tech space which did not understand that are being “ignorant” about how TV works, he added.

ITV is home to major shows including The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

Simon Daglish Ad Fraud ITV

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