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Facebook sets its privacy policy in stone for users and advertisers with more transparent ad targeting


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

November 13, 2014 | 2 min read

Facebook issued a new set of privacy policies on Thursday - which this time can be understood by an everyday user of the social network.

The site takes users through the nuances of privacy

The new ‘Privacy Basics’ section informs users just how to manage their account, promising “You’re in charge”.

The new microsite shows how other Facebook users interact with your account, what, if any of your content they can see, in addition to how to tailor what you see on your home page.

The site also addresses the adverts which appear on home feeds. Users can now query why they have been targeted with certain ads in a move which will make the site more transparent. Furthermore, they can tweak which content is sent towards them.

The site reads: “If you don’t want to see any more ads from a certain advertiser, open the menu in the upper right corner of the ad and select 'Hide all from this advertiser'. This won’t change how many ads you see but, because we’ll know more about what you like, they should be more relevant.

“You can also let us know more about what kinds of ads you’d like to see by liking Pages, adding interests to your Timeline and clicking on ads you find useful or interesting.”

This builds upon the release of the ‘Zuckersaurus’, the privacy dinosaur advisor in September, which was designed to help users customise just how publically available their content is.

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