By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

October 28, 2014 | 2 min read

Halfords has launched a new ad in the run up to Christmas encouraging parents to get kids out and about on their bikes.

The ‘Does anything beat a bike?’ ad, designed by creative agency Mother, will run on TV in 30 second spots, with a minute-long video to be run exclusively through the online and social channels.

The ad, which was directed by Aoife McArdle of Somesuch & Co, will air Wednesday 29 October and in a further slot during the X Factor on Saturday on 1 November.

Karen Bellairs, marketing director of Halfords, said: “We wanted our Christmas ad to capture the magic and nostalgia of Christmas and evoke the feelings of being a child surrounded by that magic on Christmas day, along with all the expectation and excitement that brings.

“We’re also showing the confidence we have in our offer - we all remember the universal experience of receiving a new bike and wanting to get out and ride it straightaway on Christmas - after all, you can’t do wheelies on a tablet.”

Earlier this year, the firm released the ‘Halford’s Angels’ ad urging cyclists to conquer Britain’s pathways.

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