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Google executive Alan Eustace breaks Felix Baumgartner's space jump record

An executive from Google has become the second person to break the sound barrier while also beating the skydiving record set by Felix Baumgartner during the Red Bull Stratos jump last year.

Alan Eustace, senior vice president of knowledge for Google, made the StratEx jump, 113,000 ft away from the edge of space and reached the speed of 822mph as a result, before reaching Earth safely again.

Eustace reached the height of 135,890 feet through a high altitude balloon which ascended over southern New Mexico before making the leap wearing a specially designed jumpsuit as part of a project for the Paragon Space Development Corp.

The jump was made by Eustace after three years of planning and training which led him to sound barrier breaking jump as part of the project to launch a stratospheric space dive system.

The previous record set by Baumgartner was 128,100 feet.

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