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Google launches 'Inbox' mobile app to take the effort out of email

Inbox is Google’s new secret weapon designed to help mobile users by scanning emails and providing highlights - separating the wheat from the chaff with the new 'Bundles' system.

The app, unveiled this week, is available on iOS and Android and will launch with an invite-only scheme in its initial stages.

Instead of fully replacing Google’s existing Gmail app, Inbox instead organises and highlights the users’ correspondence. For example, online receipts and bank statements will be automatically grouped so they are easily accessible.

Additionally, the app, will aim to position itself at the centre of users’ lives allowing them to set to-do reminders, with the system capable of helpfully providing detailed information such as phone numbers and addresses automatically.

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Android, Chrome and apps at Google, said: “Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.

“Email started simply as a way to send digital notes around the office. But fast-forward 30 years and with just the phone in your pocket, you can use email to contact virtually anyone in the world.”

Pichai added: “We get more email now than ever, important information is buried inside messages, and our most important tasks can slip through the cracks - especially when we’re working on our phones. Gmail’s still there for you, but Inbox is something new. It’s a better way to get back to what matters, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

Last month Google dropped the mandatory Google+ account for those newly signing up to Gmail.