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#Bendgate scandal sees iPhone 6 spoofed by Twitter for permanently bending in owner's pockets


By John McCarthy | Media editor

September 24, 2014 | 5 min read

Apple always claimed its products were ahead of the curve - unfortunately for the firm, the new iPhone 6 Plus also seems to be curving under the strain of fitting inside their owners' pockets.

On Tuesday, social media users began to notice how flimsy the iPhone 6's 5.5 inch screen display was proving to be as Apple customers who picked up the technology firm’s flagship smartphone last week reported that the devices were bending in their pockets.

Apple's new iPhone has been bending in users' pockets

Apple may be in trouble if the 0.76cm-thick iPhone 6 fault proves to be widespread - as the smartphone has already been distributed to over 10 million customers worldwide.

Furthermore, those on social media have taken to mocking the device. On Tuesday 23 September, nearly 16,000 Twitter users included the hashtag #bendgate in tweets. A further thousand used the more obscure handle of #bendghazi in the 24 hour period.

This led to the long-awaited smartphone being mocked in some spoof ads.

Nonetheless, Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the advisory service Davies Murphy Group, jumped to Apple’s defence. He told BBC news: “This is not an issue that Apple - or other phone companies - needs to be compelled to respond to or fix.

“If anything this is a reflection of how people have started to use devices beyond what they were designed for.”

Green added: "Smartphones are not designed to be put in pockets where they are going to be under the most chassis strain... just casually sticking a £700 smartphone in your pocket is an increasingly reckless thing to do."

Apple has yet to provide a statement on the flaw, although it looks set to provide unfortunate customers advice on how best to store the devices.

If the worst comes to the worst, the firm could always rely upon the sales of its Apple Watch, which should curve around the wearer's wrist naturally.


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