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Money Supermarket snubs digital ad agencies for in-house production

Moneysupermaket's latest in-house ad was produced in-house

British price comparison website Money Supermarket announced that it will no longer enlist the services of digital advertising agencies in a bid to keep operating costs down and maintain full creative control of video campaigns.

Darren Bentley, head of performance media at Money Supermarket, told the Financial Times: “We didn’t want to be subject to excessive levels of arbitrage or agency fees.”

In addition, the firm announced that it will cut out the advertising middleman to assume full control of the data of its 21 million customers.

Instead the firm will rely upon third-party companies such as MediaMath and BlueKai to directly purchase programmatic ads from vendors.

This follows a general trend, reported by Soda earlier this summer, which found that 13 per cent of advertisers now rely solely upon in-house agencies.

Additionally, brands are, more than ever, purchasing ad space directly in a bid to avoid ad agencies.

Last month, Money Supermarket unveiled a new ad called “Epic Elephunk” featuring a man riding an elephant through New York. It was created by the firm’s creative agency Mother.

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