By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

August 21, 2014 | 2 min read

Netflix’s annual ‘Hack Day’, which sees the Silicon Valley employees brainstorm innovative ideas to enhance the company's video-streaming experience, saw employees test a virtual reality theater accessible the use of Oculus Rift.

The idea, known as ‘Oculix’, was live-tested at the event. The prototype feature allowed users to navigate the video streaming site’s extensive back-catalog, in a 3D room, much like a physical library.

Using hand and head motions, the user watched Netflix programme 'House of Cards' , after which, they were placed in a virtual cinema room with the video content broadcast on the wall.

The event also introduced other interesting ideas such as ‘Netflix Hue’, a moodlighting television modification built using Philips 'smart' lightbulbs.

Finally, the most practical feature was the Netflix Mini Google Chrome extension. This allowed users to multitask - opening a small video window on the corner of the screen.

On the Netflix blog where the innovations were showcased, Netflix users commented that they would instantly use the Google Chrome add-on.

This comes after Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings said that the company will extend its media library despite an on-going court case with US internet providers.

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