Brewdog Redesign

Brewdog unveils redesign but says that it is only “25% complete”


By Ishbel Macleod, PR and social media consultant

July 21, 2014 | 2 min read

Brewdog’s new headliner packaging has been unveiled, with a mixed review from consumers.

The redesign, which the company has been working on since June, comes as the co-founders believed that “the old labels were no longer quite right for us as a brewery”.

“After seven years we felt they had become a bit too young, a bit neon and a bit tacky. Although they stood out, they did not reflect the craft heart and soul of our beer. This is also not something we have taken lightly or done quickly. We had seven agencies from three different countries pitch us designs and concepts and we worked with our chosen agency for over three months to develop the final packaging and branding,” James Watt explained.

However, when posted on social channels, the new packaging led to some negative comments – especially on the Brewdog blog and on Facebook.

“It is…very difficult to look at just the new labels in isolation and, on reflection, we should not just have posted images of the new labels by themselves. The new labels are only a very small part of an overall evolution of the BrewDog aesthetic, evolving towards a more crafted look and feel, using printing techniques and materials that reflect the artisan way in which we make our beers,” Watt added.

Revealing rejected designs for the packaging (above), Watt also added that the new packaging was only about “25 per cent complete”, with the the Amplified range, the small batch range and also the new Abstrakt packaging is still yet to be designed.

He said that feedback from drinkers on the work will be considered when the choice of design is being made.

Brewdog Redesign

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