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By Stephen Lepitak | -

July 10, 2014 | 2 min read

Buzzfeed co-founder and CEO, Jonah Peretti has told The Drum that he expects to see more media companies turn to branded content as brands attempt to engage with audiences without interrupting their content consumption.

Speaking to The Drum, Peretti discussed the approach taken by the social news platform in delivering content that can be shared across the social web and also the increasing use of native advertising.

"The word native advertising is used by lots of differently by lots of different people to serve their own interests. When I think about it, you need to make content and advertising fit the way that people consume media. You can't make an ad that is a 30 second television spot. You need to think about how people are engaging with media and then make your advertising and marketing match those behaviours. We're not doing any native advertising on Buzzfeed. We're creating branded content for the social web, so it's native advertising on all the different platforms where people share our content, not just for the Buzzfeed site," explained Peretti..

He continued to explain the branded content allowed audiences to hear a brand message within their own interest areas, and added that video was of growing popularity, peaking for traffic on average in the late evening.

Peretti also spoke of his views on what brands now want from media companies as well.

Yesterday, while speaking at The Drum Live (9 July), Will Hayward, VP of advertising for Buzzfeed in the UK, told the audience at that media companies were not working hard enough for their advertisers.

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