Blinkbox Tesco Game of Thrones

Blinkbox leverages Tesco partnership for ‘integrated and high profile’ Game of Thrones push


By Natalie Mortimer, N/A

June 17, 2014 | 3 min read

Blinkbox is promoting its “biggest ever” tie-up with Tesco with the launch of a marketing campaign for Game of Thrones season 4 which arrives on the service today (17 June), marking “a symptom” of where the streaming site is directing its marketing efforts.

Blinkbox and Tesco push Game of Thrones season 4 release

The campaign for the programme, which finished airing on TV yesterday, is the largest single series campaign Blinkbox has invested in and pushes the streaming site’s “unique” partnership with Tesco by offering 1000 Clubcard points and a free Tesco Finest pizza with every purchase of Game of Thrones.

Blinkbox MD Adrian Letts told The Drum that the new tie-up is a strategic development and aims to “bring the bits and pieces of the puzzle to the table” by taking advantage of the partnership with the supermarket giant.

He said: “Most people enjoy food while they’re watching great movies and TV. Through analyzing Blinkbox data and Clubcard data we know that many of the customers who like Game of Thrones like Tesco Finest pizza. Bringing that together is something that is unique and leverages the power of the Blinkbox/ Tesco relationship.

“It’s not the only thing that we’ve done with Tesco but it’s the most integrated. Game of Thrones is a perfect proposition to put this [campaign] behind – It’s iconic and it’s probably the most successful television series in history.”

Letts revealed that he hoped the campaign, which is supported by TV advertising and digital, social, video and email communications, would both drive awareness of Blinkbox and heighten current customer relationships.

“I think obviously out customers understand the relationship with Tesco and see the mutual beneficiaries of that relationship. I think new customers will start to see the synergies of that efforts too. Is it about selling Game of Thrones? Yes, but it’s also about growing the Blinkbox audience and also growing the Tesco/Blinkbox audiences that we think are really important for us to be successful.”

Tesco owns a majority stake in the on demand streaming site.

Last summer Blinkbox saw its revenue soar by 632 per cent when it offered Game of Thrones season 3 on the service, a success that Letts is “hopeful” will happen again.

He added that “the road map is pretty full” in terms of product releases – a Chromecast and mobile app are set to launch in the coming months on Blinkbox’s TV and movie service – and that similar tie-ups with Tesco around the release of new series are expected to come through in “key titles”.

Blinkbox Tesco Game of Thrones

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