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Infographic: Nike beats 'official' World Cup sponsors - the buzz and affinity around brands

Nike, an unofficial sponsor of the World Cup, has racked up 232,000 social mentions while official partner Adidas has only 129,000 mentions, research from Way To Blue has found.

Way To Blue selected a list of both official and unofficial brands that have used the World Cup as inspiration for their ads and have all created video content, with the aim of finding not only which brands were coming out on top in terms of volume of discussion, but which ones consumers are showing more of an affinity for as a result of World Cup focused marketing activity.

The research discovered that six out of the top 12 brands analysed for social buzz volume were not official brand partners.

Peter Foster head of insight at Way To Blue said of the findings: “What our analysis demonstrates, is that unofficial brands are certainly giving official brands a run for their money in the social buzz stakes, and that buzz volume alone should not be the only success indicator to focus upon, as it is vital to factor in other key measures such as affinity and engagement, which may act as more powerful driver of brand advocacy and even purchase in the long run.”

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