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Bauer Media launches The Equaliser, an email-only product targeting football audience

Email: The Equaliser

Bauer Media has launched the latest of its digital products in the shape of a football-focused, email-only service, The Equaliser.

The publisher has partnered with sports data company Opta to pull in football stats and insight, and former features editor at Zoo Richard Innes will head up the team. He is joined by Adam Gold as publisher and digital designer Ceri Thomas.

The launch follows the creation of another digital product, The Debrief, a women’s online magazine, in February and is part of a wider drive by Bauer to monetise its digital audience. However, unlike The Debrief, The Equaliser does not have a stand-alone digital platform and will instead be sent to its audience via email.

The Equaliser will target an audience of over 1.4 million ABC1 males aged 25-45 who get their football information online.

Innes explained: “After looking at existing football offerings, we realised there was a very clear gap in the market – not just in terms of the audience, but in terms of how we serve that audience.

“They need unique, concise facts and figures that instantly give them new insight into the day's big talking points, and they need these delivered to them directly – not hidden away on a website they have to go and find. Our mission at The Equaliser is to provide our audience with all that data in a fantastic-looking package, every day.

Abby Carvosso, group managing director, London Lifestyle, Bauer Media, said: “Following on from the launch of The Debrief earlier this year, The Equaliser is further proof of our commitment to invest in new digital products that will offer multiple new commercial opportunities for our advertising partners.”

The brand will offer both display and native advertising options for advertisers.

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