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'In the bullshit bingo world of advertising, native is pretty hot' says Bauer Media MD of advertising on launch of The Debrief

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

February 7, 2014 | 3 min read

It’s social by design and in the “bullshit bingo world of advertising” both brands and consumers want more interaction with each other through the medium of native advertising, according to Richard Dunmall, MD of advertising at Bauer Media, on the launch of the new title aimed at 20-something women, The Debrief.

Launch: The Debrief

The website aims to fill the gap left by the celebrity-obsessed magazine world, according to publisher Lauren Holleyoake, and offer the demographic “non-patronising” content under five pillars: people, life, getting ready, sex and in/out.

To fund itself, the site will rely heavily on native advertising – something that Dunmall says is popular on both sides of the advertising line.

“On a strategic level what we know not just within this site but also within the broader Bauer Media family is that increasingly brands really want to get closer to our content and gain deeper integration with it,” he told The Drum.

“That’s arguably what led to this whole native advertising trend, something that in the bullshit bingo world of advertising is obviously pretty hot. We’re responding to that based on the insights that the audience we’re trying to talk to and engage with have told us, which is that they’re very comfortable with commercial messages that add value to their content experience and allow them to interact with brands.”

He added: “It’s social by design. If it’s deeply ingrained across multiple platforms then that’s really exciting for the people the The Debrief talks to and I think that represents a broader trend in the industry.”

Bacardi and H&M are already on board as launch partners for the title, which has a team of 10 journalists in the UK led by Hattie Brett, while New York-based editor Fiona Byrne will keep content going overnight.

Publisher Lauren Holleyoake said: “We will have video content on the site, we will have longer reads which will predominantly sit on the site during the times that reflect when our readers have the time to read that type of content.

“We’ll have brief, punchy pieces, we’ll also have list format – there’ll a range of different approaches. There aren’t very many bespoke 20-something brands out there at the moment.”

The launch of the site has been accompanied by a creative brand campaign from Gravity Road.

Bauer Media Native Advertising The Debrief

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