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BBC Two throws 50th birthday party for its famous '2's' in new idents from Red Bee Media

BBC Two is marking its 50th anniversary with a new series of idents featuring some of the most memorable ‘2’ characters and designs from the past celebrating their birthday.

Red Bee Media has created the idents briefed by the channel to remind viewers what they love most about the channel. With the milestone approaching on 20 April the series of stings and idents shows 2’s from past creatives coming together to celebrate their 50th. Front of stage is fluffy white 2 who is seen celebrating the occasion with all his 2 friends singing karaoke and eating cake from Mary Berry.

Of the creative, BBC Two marketing manager, Nicholas Rogers, said: “Over the last 50 years, BBC Two has displayed bags of personality, so we wanted to remind people what made – and still makes – BBC Two so special. “We felt there was no better way to do this than showcasing past idents that everyone nostalgically loves, as well as highlighting some of the amazing talent that has been on the channel, and still is today. April 20 marks our anniversary, and it’s time TWO party.”The Drum has taken a look back at some of BBC Two’s groundbreaking idents from the last 50 years in the latest issue of the magazine, available now from The Drum Store.

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