Brit Awards stunt by Paddy Power leaves Daft Punk lookalikes looking plain daft

Irreverent Irish bookmakers Paddy Power infiltrated last night’s Brit Awards via a pair of helmeted French electro DJ’s who bore an uncanny resemblance to Daft Punk – minus the trousers.The doppelgangers sauntered onto the red carpet to soak up the limelight before stripping off to reveal a matching pair of Paddy Power’s lucky pants.Basking in the ensuing blaze of publicity Paddy Power tweeted: “Here's a #PricelessSurprise at the BRITs. Daft Punk. Up all night to get lucky...PANTS! #BRITs2014”

Unperturbed by these unorthodox shenanigans the real deal went on to secure the best international group award at the ceremony.