LGBT activists hijack #CheersToSochi campaign to object to Sochi 2014 sponsors

By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

February 6, 2014 | 2 min read

Scott Wooledge, an LGBT activist and member of Queer Nation NY, has created a parody version of McDonald’s Cheers to Sochi support site to continue the conversation with Sochi Olympic sponsors about their concerns with LGBT rights in Russia.

While McDonald’s currently owns and operates --, a parody website, has become a one stop website to hold advertisers accountable.

"Many LGBT rights organizations have already written sternly worded letters calling for words and action. Hundreds of thousands quietly signed internet petitions. Activists around the globe have demonstrated loudly in the streets of New York City, London, Berlin and elsewhere,” explained Wooledge.

The website allows those who oppose Russia’s anti-LGBT laws to find existing social media content and share them with their network, create their own social media content with the #CheersToSochi meme-maker, and find links to social media accounts for all the top ten Sochi sponsors to take action themselves.

Wooledge added: “#CheersToSochi speaks to frustrated people around the world who are disgusted with the sponsors' silence. Their silence, and tacit consent with Russia's war on gays has damaged their brand images worldwide."

Following the hijacking of the #CheersToSochi hashtag, McDonalds issued a statement, which said “We believe the Olympic Games should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and athletes. “

Channel 4 and BrewDog have also come out against the Russian anti-gay laws.


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