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Ad of the Day: Land Rover - Hibernot

We don't live in a paradise, do we? Where else in the world could the phrase 'I wonder if we'll get a summer this year?' even make sense? Other nations' summers may vary in length and intensity but at least they're guaranteed to get one.

Foreign perceptions of us often focus on our obsession with the weather, not just a handy solution to a certain kind of social awkwardness but based on a genuine interest in what the isobars will deliver.

Advertising quite frequently references these preoccupations but we can't remember seeing anything quite like Land Rover's brilliant new commercial. The car itself barely gets a look in as we're led instead through a celebration of this 'grey and pleasant land' in a succession of vignettes depicting the foolhardy bravado our temperate climate appears to provoke.

The haven provided by a reliable vehicle is the missing ingredient here and Land Rover has the confidence to believe that we'll understand that without it being spelled out.

The client deserves a lot of praise for allowing RKCR/Y&R to make the team's brave idea and Simon Ratigan has delivered it beautifully - just watching this makes you want to turn up the radiator and retreat under the bedclothes.

Creative Agency: RKCR/Y&R

ECD: Mick Mahoney

Creative Director: Julian Chalkley / Nick Simons

Creative: Tim Brookes / Phil Forster / Barnaby Blackburn / Guastavo Kopit

TV Producer: James Miller @ Tag TV

Director: Simon Ratigan

Producer: Tim Daukes

Executive Producer: Mike Wells

Photography: Bob Pendar-Hughes

Editor: Adam Spivey

Grade: Seamus O'Kane @ The Mill

Sound Design: Sam Ashwell @ 750MPH

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