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BMW extends in-car music streaming service Rara to full range

BMW has extended its use of British music streaming service Rara to virtually all new models.

Rara was initially introduced in the BMW 5 Series earlier this summer, and allows access to over 22 million tracks as well as over 200 curated music channels.

“BMW Online Entertainment with Rara represents a step change in the way we consume music in the car; no more scratched CDs or dusty old tapes in the glove compartment, no more having to plug in your mobile. Just stream all the music you want, direct to your car with Rara,” said Jez Bell, CEO of Rara.

BMW drivers streaming music to their car with Rara can also access their music on any connected device; on their smartphone, computer and tablet through Rara’s apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows 8 devices.

The system will now be available across the BMW model range in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands.