Shazam Charts launch on Amazon MP3 enabling customers to discover and purchase music up-and-coming tracks

Consumers can buy tagged Shazam tracks directly from Amazon

Shazam is to premiere the Shazam Charts worldwide on Amazon MP3 allowing Amazon customers to easily buy the most tagged songs.

Currently available in the US, songs trending on the Shazam chart can be discovered and purchased online from the Amazon site, and in the Amazon MP3 Store on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices.

Of the partnership, Kevin McGurn, Shazam’s chief revenue officer, said: “Shazam’s partnership with Amazon has provided our users with an easy way to purchase music from a trusted retailer. We are excited about expanding this partnership to Amazon customers, as well, so that they can see the most popular tracks Shazamed by people around the globe.”

With more than 15 million Shazam tags placed per day, the high tag volume allows the music industry to see which acts and tracks are popular with consumers. On average tracks that reach No.1 on the Shazam New Release Chart reach the same spot on the Top 10 Billboard Chart 43 days later.

Ryan Redington, head of digital music store at Amazon, added: “Our customers constantly look to Amazon to discover new music. By adding Shazam Charts to the Amazon MP3 Store, we're offering our customers another great way to discover and buy the newest music, even before it reaches the traditional best-seller charts.”

By clicking on a song from the Shazam Charts within the Amazon MP3 Store users are given the option to purchase the track or the entire album. New artists can also be promoted through free downloads.

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