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Five adverts featuring Doctor Who over the past 50 years: Weetabix, Prime Computers, Sky Ray Space Raiders

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who taking place on Saturday 23 November, we take a look at advertisements making use of the franchise through the years, from a 1960s Sky Ray Space Raiders ad to the BBC’s ad promoting the anniversary.

1960s: Sky Ray Space Raiders

Buy a sixpence ice lolly and see the Doctor battling with Daleks.

1970s: Weetabix

At this point, it became apparent that the Daleks were 'selling out' on the ad market. Anywhere else, that could mean there contract was exterminated.

1980s: Prime Computers

The fourth Doctor - Tom Baker - and assistant Lalla Ward (that's the Time Lord Romana for those not in the know) - created a series of ads for Prime Computers in the 1980s. Basically, the computer saved the day.

1990s: New Zealand Superannuation Services

In 1997, Tom Baker returned to New Zealand TV screens to promote the New Zealand Superannuation Services...through the number 0800 TARDIS.

2000s: Doctor Who 'series one'

In 2005, Doctor Who came back to TV screens. Here's the BBC's main trailer for the relaunch of the show...

And now - 2010s: 50th anniversary

Got you in the mood for Saturday? Here is the first official 'Day of the Doctor' ad, by Red Bee, for the 50th anniversary episode.