Philips unveils Swiss Lips music video game, where users play to remix the song Carolyn

Philips has launched a new campaign promoting its Music Video Game. The retro 16-bit style driving game affects the music, allowing each user to create a unique version of the track, as well as a video, that can be shared through a social media powered leaderboard.

Based on Swiss Lips’ latest single ‘Carolyn’, users play the game as Sam (Swiss Lips’ lead singer), battling the Flame Gang to win the affections of Carolyn.

“Your gameplay affects the track, so everything you do changes your remix and the outcome of your music video,” explained Chris Joakim, associate creative director and copywriter at Ogilvy London, the agency behind the game.

He continued: “There are seven different audio worlds to explore each with audio power-ups and weapons to find. Every sound you hear in the game was created by Swiss Lips specifically for the experience. There are multiple endings and thousands of potential remixes. So the more you play the better your music video.

It is being supported by the ‘You Need to Hear This’ campaign from Ogilvy & Mather London which has involved a collaboration between Philips Sound and Noisey, Vice’s music channel.

Sam Hammond, Swiss Lips, said: “It has been very cool to be part of this process working with Philips and Ogilvy. We never thought we'd be able to launch a song this way...or that we'd have to find a way to make Zombie noises fit our track! We can't wait to hear and see all the remixes of 'Carolyn'.”

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