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Mercedes spoof ad by film students shows car ‘deflecting danger’ by killing young Hitler

Three film students in Germany have created an ad for Mercedez-Benz, suggesting that the car deflects dangers before they happen, meaning that it would have stopped dictator Adolf Hitler.

The ad by Tobias Haase, Jan Mettler and Lydia Lohse looks to apply the idea of smart technology held by a car, and what it could do.

A young Hitler is seen playing with a kite before the car appears, hitting and killing him. The young boy can then be seen lying on the ground with his limbs in the shape of a swastika.

However, following complaints, the students have been forced to put up a disclaimer at the start of the spot, saying 'This is a film school's submission. There exists no past or current affiliation to Mercedes Benz or Daimler AG'.