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Welsh government introduces pilot scheme to teach school pupils how to use social media wisely


By Jennifer Faull, Deputy Editor

March 9, 2013 | 2 min read

School pupils in Wales will soon be having social media lessons added to their curriculum, as the Welsh government has introduced a pilot scheme aimed at helping them understand the best ways to use social media.

The scheme will give advice on avoiding posting compromising or embarrassing photos on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, which could affect job prospects in the long term.

The lessons will also go over how to protect personal information and staying safe online.

The scheme is being run by the office of the information commissioner. Anne Jones, the assistant information commissioner, said: "We've had experience of cases where people have maybe applied for jobs and something they've done in their past or they've put up on Facebook has actually stopped them from getting that job.

"We all know that employers tend to search for these things online and it certainly has been happening and I'm sure it will happen again in the future."

"There's a lot of reasons why we feel this is a really important project to take forward - to embed information rights into the curriculum," she said.

"It is that full package of information rights, it's understanding personal data - your personal information is valuable and, as far as children are concerned, explaining to them or trying to make sure them understand exactly what personal information is.

"It's trying to make sure that they deal appropriately - that they don't give it away to the wrong people, that they keep it safe where it needs to be kept safe," she continued.

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