SXSW: Google makes driving more social with Volkswagen app which 'punches' other VWs

Smileage app syncs with Google+

Google has joined forces with Volkswagen to launch a new app designed to make driving more social.

The app, which will be launched in June, is being previewed a this year SXSW and includes a feature that allows the VW to recognise other blue tooth enabled VWs on the road.

Called Smileage, the app syncs with Google+ so others can monitor particular trips, and draw in data, comments on photos from all the phones which are synced with the car during any given journey.

Users are awarded Smileage points for completing certain tasks, such as uploading photos. Even passing other VW's count, as the app creates a little 'punch' every one is passed on the road.

Said a spokesman for Google, "This is really designed to make driving a bit more fun and social. Others will be able to view the whole trip, leave comments and even pass on recommendations. But to be honest the full application for the platform is still be be worked through. "

They added that: "The development continues a trend where Google seeks develop specific products in partnership with brands and their agencies."

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