Cinema advertising delivers £2.84 for every £1 spent in the UK

Cinema advertising achieved the best carryover rate of all media in the UK at 72 per cent per week, a half-life of two weeks, according to research by BrandScience, the business and marketing effectiveness arm of Omnicom Media Group.

Commissioned by Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) and Cinema Advertising Association (CAA), the research found that cinema delivers three-fold revenue ROI; with €3.07 additional revenue for every Euro spent across Europe, and £2.84 for every Pound spent in the UK.

Sally Dickerson, global CEO of BrandScience, said: “Working with the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) and other Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) members across Europe, BrandScience has collated evidence from its Results Vault of over 1100 econometric studies in Europe, of which 111 evaluated Cinema Spend and other media. The meta analysis proves that Cinema delivers a healthy return on media investment, particularly when used as part of an integrated campaign, Cinema performs in its own right as measured by direct RROI (Revenue ROI) and enhances all other main media in assuring higher campaign RROI.”

According to the report, if an ad spend of £1000 delivered 100 sales in the first week, this means it would drive 72 in the second, 52 in the third and 37 in the fourth week following exposure.

Jeremy Playle, board member of the CAA, added: “Whilst many studies continue to prove that Cinema delivers more engagement, reaches light TV and youth audiences, the BrandScience study confirms that cinema doesn’t just deliver soft KPI’s, it also drives strong return on investment for the brands that advertise with us.”

Full results, including RROI’s for specific categories and sectors, will be shared at an event planned for September 2012.

Cinema ad via Shutterstock

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