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Wikileaks New York Times The Guardian

WikiLeaks attempts to distance itself from previous media relationships with The Guardian, New York Times and Rolling Stone


By Stephen Lepitak, -

March 7, 2012 | 2 min read

WikiLeaks has attempted to distance itself from media publications such as The Guardian and Rolling Stone, which it previously had partnership relationships with.

The whistleblowing website tweeted earlier this week the following tweet; “Clarification: WikiLeaks "dropped" the New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais-NOT the other way around.”

This was followed by a Tweet in which the site claimed that The Guardian had “broke all 3 points of its contract and acted negligently.” (sic) when the newspaper redacted information provided to it by the website.

Another tweet also claimed that the Guardian’s investigations edtiro David Leigh “disclosed the decryption password to all 251,000 unredacted cables in mudslinging book.”

As for its relationship with The New York Times, the site claimed to have “dropped back in Oct 2010 as a result of killing its WikiLeaks story on US assassination team Task Force 373”.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the site also hit back at the Swedish media which is says has been critically discussing two stories, including plots against journalists, which is claimed were completely false.

The press statement said; “The nature of our work, exposing abuses of power, means that we have many friends but also many enemies. Attacks on our systems are resisted with strict security measures. But attacks on our reputation are also a reality. It may seem like spy movie, but intelligence agencies, spin campaigns, and assassination threats are a well documented reality when it comes to WikiLeaks. If WikiLeaks had not taken these issues seriously it would have been destroyed long ago.”

Wikileaks New York Times The Guardian

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