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Belgian ad agencies begin virtual strike against pitching process

The advertising agencies of Belgium have launched a virtual strike in a bid to change the number of agencies being asked to pitch.

The week-long virtual strike is being held by advertising agencies such as McCann Lowe, Kunstmaan, VVL BBDO, Saatchi, Punta Linea, VVL and Famous, which have closed their sites to host an open letter to clients which runs across the front page of each of their websites, from one agency to the next.

The virtual strike has taken place to highlight that the agencies want clients to agree and abide by a rule that no more than three agencies should be invited to pitch for single piece of business.

The charter is found at the end of the online trail which explains that, together with the association of advertisers UBA, the ACC have signed a Code of Conduct in case of a competition. It is a joint guidance note for advertisers and agencies describing the best practice in the management of the pitching process.

The results will be interesting for the rest of the international industry to see.

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