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World Creative Rankings Agencies

2021's most creative countries in advertising ranked


By Sam Bradley, Journalist

February 15, 2022 | 7 min read

The World Creative Rankings, in partnership with Twitch, is the definitive guide to advertising’s most creative brands, agencies and people. After revealing the agencies and creatives that topped the board, The Drum has combed through the data to see which countries have the most successful advertising scene.

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Which countries host the most creative ad agencies in the business?

Advertising and marketing is a global business, but that doesn’t mean the local gets ignored entirely. By looking through our World Creative Rankings data, which charts the success of agencies, creatives and advertisers across the globe, we can see which countries and territories hosted the most award-winners and gain an insight into the health of the creative scenes there.

Though the United States leads the pack once again, this year’s results see Canada and Australia climbing the rankings, after Japan and Germany’s strong run in 2021.

The rankings are compiled by analyzing the combined results of 21 of the industry’s biggest global awards shows. This year, that meant our researchers pored over some 2,472 campaigns from 1,657 clients working with 1,220 agencies around the world. You can the full methodology in our World Creative Rankings launch article.

The most creative countries in advertising

Rank Country
1 United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Canada
4 Germany
5 Australia
6 France
7 United Arab Emirates
8 Brazil
9 Italy
10 Sweden
11 Japan
12 India
13 Spain
14 South Africa
15 New Zealand
16 Thailand
17 China
18 Denmark
19 Russia
20 Colombia
21 Singapore
22 Mexico
23 Netherlands
24 Argentina
25 Taiwan
26 Ireland
27 Pakistan
28 Belgium
29 South Korea
30 Turkey
31 Switzerland
32 Hong Kong
32 Peru
34 Malaysia
35 Norway
36 Finland
37 Philippines
38 Indonesia
39 Saudi Arabia
39 Romania
41 Poland
42 Czech Republic
43 Hungary
44 Lebanon
45 Egypt
46 Ukraine
47 Israel
48 Uruguay
49 Lithuania
50 Slovakia
50 Croatia
52 Chile
53 Portugal
54 Greece
55 Morocco
56 Ecuador
57 Bangladesh
58 Jordan
59 Macao
60 Austria
61 Bulgaria
61 Guatemala
63 Viet Nam
63 Serbia
63 Cyprus
66 Ethiopia
66 Latvia
68 Belarus
68 Tunisia
70 Dominican Republic
71 Slovenia
72 Nigeria
72 Venezuela
72 Sri Lanka

Discover the best creatives, campaigns and agencies of the last year in the World Creative Rankings.

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