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Global Digital Insights Q2 2021: Decoding generational marketing on social media

Global Digital Insights

With many parts of the world reopening in the second quarter of 2021, agile businesses with a keen understanding of generational marketing saw growth in the changed retail landscape. Consumers rely on digital technologies more than they did prior to the pandemic, with clear delineations between the ways generations engage and shop online. Gain access to the current digital habits of the different generations and the strategies that high-performance brands employed in Q2 with Dash Hudson’s latest Global Digital Insights report.

What you’ll learn:

  • How each of the generations consume content online and their generational marketing preferences across social channels and e-commerce platforms
  • Follower demographic data from over 700 consumer brands across industries on Instagram - the most robust channel for social commerce
  • How brands are reaching generation Z, whose spending power will increase exponentially in the next decade
  • Examples of omnichannel strategies tailored to target audiences across generations from industry-leading brands

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