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It’s not just about having the right data: how to balance tech and human capital

By Enric Pedro | CMO

Lab Cave


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April 5, 2019 | 6 min read

If someone talks about the many ways that martech has been helping marketing teams, the list will be almost endless. New tools are launched every day to deliver very specific data and measure all types of key performance indicators (KPIs) imaginable. But, with all this technology around, are you really taking advantage of everything you have access to?


It’s not just about having the right data: how to balance tech and human capital

In a Google Analytics account, you can find thousands of dashboards, endless filters to apply and many different ways to compare data. It is not simple to get insights from it. One wrong variant (such as a calendar date) could give you a distorted perspective and compromise your strategy. So, how do you find your way through all that information?

“Acquiring a high-cost tool thinking that it will automatically bring you great results is nothing more than self-deception. Important amounts of information could be lost in the process” says Lab Cave’s app store optimization (ASO) lead, Angel Merino. Lab Cave is a mobile growth company that provides ASO and mediation for apps with technology developed in-house. With the complete perspective of developers to marketers, let’s take a look at how to achieve a perfect balance between martech and a team’s know-how.

Artificial intelligence + human talent

ASO is an effort to improve an app’s visibility on app stores. A good ASO strategy will, among other things, increase organic traffic and decrease user acquisition (UA) costs. As ASO is becoming fundamental in the mobile industry and it is easy to find a lot of tools that provide relevant data.

Lab Cave’s ASO BOT was developed to analyze a large amount of data in a short period of time and to give an accurate forecast about trends. The ASO BOT algorithmically analyzes app stores to show metadata very close to reality in different languages. It can analyze almost 10,000 keywords and takes into account the history of those keywords to choose the ones that will work best.

So, what difference will the user make? In Lab Cave’s experience, if the person doesn’t know how to classify, choose and discard the correct info about traffic, difficulty and competitiveness of a keyword and also how to deal with different languages, cultures and the different rules of the Google Play and App Stores, the answer is clear; they have too much information and no strategy.

The truth is that almost every ASO tool offers a similar range of insights. It’s no longer about having the right data or insights on your app but instead having the expertise to know when, how and what actions to take. There are many elements to account for in ASO and most of them take a lot of research to bring results. What we can achieve at Lab Cave in one month can take someone with no direction six times that. App store moderators can reject an app, competition could be strong, translated keywords might not work well and countries with the same language don’t have the same top keywords. After developing and launching over 300 apps and achieving 200 million organic downloads with them, Lab Cave has this know-how. This experience allows us to understand each part of an app and to create highly customized strategies.

Try for yourself or count on an expert

Technology will offer you data to think about, but you have to plan actions by yourself. The first thing to take into account when deciding if you can do something by yourself or not, is whether you have enough knowledge. Some questions that can help you to figure that out:

  • For how long have you been working on or studying this technology?
  • Are you familiar with the terms used in this field?
  • Do you know how to estimate a result and plan deadlines for what you are looking for?

Let’s say that, in the first moment, you understand the data and can already think of some strategies. After a while, you can face a second challenge: time. There are a lot of people that have high technical knowledge and experience with something but don’t have the time or manpower to commit to it. That is the point when you should consider getting help from an expert, so you can have a full overview of the potential results, address your questions and of course, decide if it’s worth it or not.

Enric Pedró, chief marketing officer, Lab Cave

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Twitter: @LabCave

Digital Transformation Modern Marketing Mobile

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