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The Drum and TiVo at Advertising Week New York: television in the age of data

photo credit: unsplash

Families used to gather in the living room around a tiny, black-and-white television. Little Timmy would have to get up to turn it on and pick from one of three channels. Now, little Timmy is flipping through streaming services on his tablet in the kitchen, his sisters are watching HBO in the living room, and their parents are catching up on the news on their laptops in the bedroom.

Television has changed exponentially, and it will keep changing as audience fragmentation amplifies. The acceleration of digital means new challenges of scale and higher content expectations, which require diverse new data sets to complement traditional ratings.

The Drum, in partnership with TiVo, will examine how data and analytics will impact the future of television. The panel will look at how next-gen TV data can help realize the promise of advanced audience targeting, closed-loop attribution and better post-campaign insights.

Jenny Gomez, director of product marketing, advanced media and advertising at TiVo, believes television data is transforming the way we look at the advertising industry holistically.

“The reach of TV is still king,” Gomez says, “yet the innovative methodologies of digital have been changing the way we look at measurement, especially cross-platform touch points. Using TV viewership data to connect audiences across screens has never been more relevant. While the industry is still learning how to marry all of the disparate data sets out there, the ease with which legacy TV data can be accessed, and how it affects the bottom line is making it a more attractive offering than could have been previously expected.”

Panelists include Evan Lewis, founder and CTO of Viva Metrics; Dave Nussbaum, senior vice president of business intelligence at Publicis Health; and Walt Horstman, senior vice president of advanced media and advertising at TiVo.

The Drum’s associate editor Sonoo Singh will be moderating the discussion on the increasing demand for new sources of TV viewing data. The future of television is changing, so discover actionable insights for activating viewership in your campaigns.

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