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What are the benefits in getting a PRINCE2 Qualification?

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January 17, 2017 | 7 min read

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Have you ever wondered whether it is worth doing some extra studying to progress your career in project management?

Knowledge Tree Training

What are the benefits in getting a PRINCE2 Qualification?

Well, Knowledge Tree Training are now going to discuss the benefits of getting a PRINCE2 certification. This will help you to fully understand what this could mean to you and why carrying out PRINCE2 training could be the best career move that you ever make.

Enhance your career prospects

Perhaps the strongest reason for getting a PRINCE2 qualification is to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the sort of enjoyable, long term career that you dream of. It is definitely worth the effort of going on a four day course in order to take control of the direction your career.

For instance, do you hope to become a professional, highly sought after project manager that gets handed big, challenging projects? Perhaps you would like to work for a giant multinational firm and get to grips with complex projects that stretch you to the limit?

Alternatively, your dream could be to work on projects for a charity or NGO and use your skills to make a real difference to the world. Whatever it is that you plan to do with your career you stand a much better chance of doing it well if you adopt a project management methodology such as PRINCE2.

Don’t settle for second best in your career when you can use this type of accredited training course to get the role that you deserve. Whether you want to progress in your current company or look further afield, adding this qualification to your CV shows that you are a serious project manager who can be trusted to run any project to the highest possible standard.

Get a bigger salary

Of course, getting a satisfying career is only part of the reason for going on a PRINCE2 training course. There is also the important fact that this valuable qualification could be the key to receiving a much bigger salary in the future as well.

The difference that this certification makes to your monthly pay packet could be significant, as companies tend to reward PRINCE2 project managers far more highly that those who haven’t yet taken a professional PM training course. The average salary for a PRINCE2 Practitioner in London is £58k and the national average is £52k (Total Jobs).

Once you see the annual salary boost that you could receive through PRINCE2 training you can then work out how much this would mean for the rest of your career. The truth is that earning a better salary every year for the remainder of your working life could add up to a massive extra sum in your bank account and in your pension fund.

The cost of going on a PRINCE2 course will soon pale into insignificance once you see how much extra money this could mean for you in the long run. By paying a relatively small amount just now you make a huge investment in your future career and earning potential.

Try working in new places

For many project managers, the thought of running projects in other parts of the country is a very tempting idea. Getting hold of this sort of qualification could be the key that opens exciting new possibilities for you in London, Edinburgh, Manchester or elsewhere in the UK.

When you want to spread your wings and look for project management jobs in new places then having a CV that stands out is vital. Once you add the PRINCE2 Qualification to your CV you can start to apply for project jobs anywhere with more confidence.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that your PRINCE2 certification is also widely recognised around the rest of the world too. If you want to test yourself in a new environment abroad then gaining this powerful project qualification is almost certainly the very best way to get started.

It can be extremely difficult to catch the eye of a potential employer in a different country and get them to pay attention to your application. Yet, by showing them that you have a widely recognised project certification then you will immediately stand out from the crowd.

Whether you end up working abroad for the rest of your career or only for a short period, the chance to do something different like this will make a big difference to your career and possibly even your outlook on life.

Feel confident in your ability

The chance to feel completely confident in your ability to run any type of project is another crucial factor to take into account when considering whether to aim for a project management qualification. Quite simply, there is nothing like the feeling of being in control and knowing exactly what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you are currently confused and feel that you are winging it at work then this is sure to have a negative effect on you. By going on a professional PRINCE2 course you can ensure that you feel fantastic about the projects that you run.

When you understand the whole end to end process and the best practices used by project managers around the world you can start to feel your confidence levels rise right away. In this way, you can look forward to each new challenge that comes your way, rather being afraid of what the future holds.

No matter how big or potentially difficult a new project appears to be, you will feel ready to take it on. This is because you will learn techniques and tactics that work well in any type of project and in any kind of company.

Do a fantastic job every time

Finally, wouldn’t it be a brilliant feeling to know that you do a wonderful job on every single project that you handle? There is no doubt that it is a great sensation when you know that you are capable of working to an extremely high standard.

This can help you to feel less stress and pressure at work, as you will always feel that you have your projects under control. There is no doubt that this can help you to enjoy work and life in general a lot more.

In this context, you will be pleased to see that getting your PRINCE2 certification is a huge step in the right direction. By learning about the project management industry’s standards and processes you can make sure that every project reaches a successful conclusion.

Clearly some projects are tougher and more demanding than others. However, once you have the right knowledge and skills to fall back on you can be sure that you can resolve any problems that come your way.

Bearing all of this in mind, making the decision to go on a PRINCE2 training course is something that you are unlikely to ever regret.

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