Three things you can’t afford to get wrong in 2021

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A rapid round of essential commerce requirements to get your brand fighting fit in a new touchless, digital world of sentient commerce:

1. Instant Commerce Gratification: same-day delivery, on-demand customer service, intelligent resolution centres and a ‘know what I want before I even know I want it’ philosophy is catapulting shopper requirements onto sky-high expectations. What do we need to do to get ahead and stay ahead of the supply and demand loop?
2. Emotional Intelligence: in the future empathy will scale and a revitalised leadership will require the ability to be aware of, allow for, encompass and create space for emotions inside and outside of an organisation.
3. Business Model Innovation: rooted in the voice of customers the way we shape, serve, and sell will increasingly be rooted in morale and purpose. Customers want to buy from brands they believe can help them shape the future they want, getting a product into the hands of a customer is no longer enough.

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Three things you can’t afford to get wrong in 2021