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Consumers remember brands that have data breaches. The Covid-19 crisis also means consumers are embracing new behaviors and habits. Join The Drum, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark and iProspect as we talk about the intersection between privacy, customer experience and brand loyalty across the world.

Surely, meeting privacy guidelines like GDPR and CCPA lead customers to trust marketers? Not so fast. Trust isn’t earned only from data collection transparency. You earn it by creating products, content and communications that are meaningful, consistent, and in line with customer expectations and needs. As brands, what information should we be collecting, using, and sharing?

The panel discussion will also explore: • Unique research into the consumer perception of privacy and trust – and what you as a brand can do to maintain your brand loyalty and trust. • Discover how 92% of the research respondents highlighted concerns about the amount of data companies have collected about them and hear how consumer relationships with brands have been impacted. • How consumers across generations and across regions, differ in attitudes when it comes to data and privacy. • Personalization and consumers - consumers’ understanding of the connection between data and the experience they have.

** Be sure to look out for an email from The Drum, at least 24 hours before the live broadcasting of the digital panel, with the link to access the session. If you will be viewing the digital panel in real time, there will be a live Q&A with the panelists directly following the discussion.



Sonoo Singh
associate editor, The Drum
Christi Olson
head of evangelism for search, Microsoft
Jeremy Hull
vp innovation, iProspect
Josh Blacksmith
senior director - global consumer relationships and engagement, Kimberly-Clark