The Talk

Date: Sep 2018
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Niine Sanitary Napkins is urging parents to break the taboo of talking to their daughters about periods to commemorate Daughter's Day.

The campaign, titled 'The Talk', features the awkward struggle of a father when he wishes to speak about periods with his daughter. The campaign also aims to tackle superstitions associated with periods like “Don’t visit religious places of worship if you are on your periods as it is disrespectful to God. Don’t touch the pickle if you are menstruating as then it will spoil the pickle. You are ‘dirty’ right now, you cannot enter the kitchen."


Video Credits:

Agency: Anomalous

Creative Director: Ankita Gupta

Director: Nitin Menon

Producer: Anand Kusumakar

DOP: Arindam Debnath

Editor: Krishna Shukla

Music: Dhawal Tandon