Agency: Sky
Date: May 2024
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Sky Mobile launch 'A Guide to Breaking Up' encouraging the public to end bad relationships by text

Marking the launch is hilarious new ad featuring known heartbreak Pete Wicks, starring as a 'breakup consultant'.

Describing himself as 'Cupid's Nemesis', 'Concierge of the Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Brad Split', Wicks shares his top tips on the 'perfect' split and the ease of switching mobile networks.

Wicks spoofs hit film Saltburn in the new campaign, as he recreates Barry Keoghan's famous shirtless balcony scene, with the ad set in a stately manor featuring a butler called Bertie.

The reality TV star reveals a new face tattoo in, with the words 'heartbreaker’ inked under his eye, as he advises, “Tell them straight you're mixing things up. Swapping for a new model. Getting an upgrade.”

Pete's text tip follows new research by Sky Mobile that reveals May 1 as the day that most Brits would end a relationship as the nation look to start a fresh in the Spring ahead of a summer of freedom and flexibility.

The ad comes as Sky Mobile is offering the public a break-up worthy range of deals throughout May, saving customers up to half price on selected data plans.