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Intuit QuickBooks: Credit Where Credit's Due by TBWA Chiat Day

Date: Feb 2019
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Intuit QuickBooks, in its latest campaign, has decided to shine a light on those who toil behind the scenes, helping bring the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to life, even if they rarely get recognition. The ‘Giving Credit Where Credit's Due’ campaign highlights the self-employed and small business owners who make up 85% of the production crew of a typical movie have always been the stars of the show.

A 30-second spot starts with a booming voice as credits start to roll, stating: “It’s movie awards season, but what about the unsung heroes of film that make it all happen?” As the names scroll by, a few are pulled out with accompanying video of them doing their respective jobs. They include everyone from the pianist, songwriters, grips and set decorators to wardrobe assistants and visual effects assistants.

The 60-second version will roll before Oscar-nominated A Star is Born is screened in select theaters, and QuickBooks teamed up with the hard-working crew members of that film to create a series of creative assets celebrating those at the end of the credits. A tag states: “The movie industry’s largest workforce works for themselves. We work for them. QuickBooks. Backing you.”


Executive Leadership:

Erin Riley (President)

Renato Fernandez (Chief Creative Officer)


Kirsten Rutherford (Creative Director)

Ben Beazley (Creative Director)

Gabriel Miller (Sr. Copywriter)

Bruno Regalo (Sr. Art Director)

Nic Buckingham (Sr. Art Director)

Sasha Verma (Copywriter)

JoEllen Smith (Art Director)

Scott Hiers (Design Director)

Aaron Nandor (Designer)

Billie Heitzman (Designer)


Matt Theisen (Global Brand Leader)

Jillian Rudman (Account Director)

Alix Johnson (Account Executive)

Daniel Bennett (Account Group Assistant)

Project Management:

Josh Levine (Senior Project Manager)


Kat Urban (Executive Producer)

Hashi Clark (Executive Print Producer)

Joshua Levion (Associate Producer)

Dessiah Maxwell (Director of Traffic Operations)

Jennifer Anaya (Sr. Business Affairs Manager)


John Hickman (Group Strategy Director)

Emilie Arrive (Planning Director)

Samira Shahabuddin (Senior Strategic Planner)

Lea Johnson (Data Strategist)


Hearts and Science

Photography: Bing Putney

Animation: Jon Taylor & Garrett Quon

Music: Tyson Illingworth

Post Production: GrizzLee

Sound: Lime Studios