Date: Jul 2019
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One of the biggest conspiracies to ever walk this earth (or Moon), the Apollo 11 Moon landing has been up for question ever since footage emerged of the first man taking "a giant leap for mankind." Now, 50 years on, Shutterstock has released its own version.

On 20 July, 1969 650 million people watched commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin land the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon.

A number of factors led viewers to doubt whether the landing actually occurred at all. Why didn't the flag flap? Where were the stars? Was this a whole fabrication filmed by Stanley Kubrick to trick the Russians, whom the US wanted to beat?

Despite assertion from Nasa, some people still remain unconvinced. Now, Shutterstock has stepped into the mix, producing its own Moon landing video.

Using its own library of imagery, Shutterstock wants to show that even if the landing didn't happen, "you could totally pull it off with Shutterstock and it would be more out of this world."

The video then montages various space imagery against a funky backbeat, that concludes with an astronaut literally 'moonwalking' across a lunar backdrop.

This video is the latest in the series of the ‘It’s Shutterstock’ campaign. This publicity push serves as Shutterstock’s first marketing campaign in six years.