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Agency: RPA
Date: Sep 2017
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In an ambitious project to help children better understand a cancer diagnosis, RPA brought together 20 individual animation, music and sound-design partners launching a series of animated films for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to families facing a child’s brain tumor diagnosis.

The Los Angeles indie, in conjunction with the organization, created the Imaginary Friend Society, to help children learn about their cancer treatment in a way that still covers the important facts, yet in a way that is easy to understand.

The pro-bono, global film project enlisted a veritable A-list of partners, all of whom took on a specific topic that addresses very specific challenges for kids diagnosed with brain cancer, especially emotional ones.


Welcome to the I.F.S.

Animation: Gentleman Scholar

Music: Jeremy Turner

Sound Design: Jeremy Turner

What is an MRI?

Animation: Roof Studio

Music: Butter

Sound Design: Butter

Feeling Sad

Animation: Hornet

Music: Ambrose Yu

Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Returning to School

Animation: Strange Beast

Music: Handymartian

Sound Design: Handymartian

Blood Transfusions

Animation: Lobo

Music: Anvil FX Music & Sound Design

Sound Design: Anvil FX Music & Sound Design

Finding Out You Have Cancer

Animation: Giant Ant

Music: Antfood

Sound Design: Antfood

Losing Your Hair

Animation: The Mill

Music: Fidget NYC

Sound Design: Fidget NYC

Why Am I Tired All the Time?

Animation: Airplan

Music: Squeak E Clean

Sound Design: Squeak E Clean

Feeling Angry

Animation: Not to Scale

Sound Design: Lime Studios


Animation: Trunk

Music: Daniel Pemberton

Sound Design: Fonic

Who Will Be Taking Care of Me?

Animation: Flux Animation

Music & Sound Design: Digicake


Animation: MPC

Music: Storefront

Sound Design: Storefront


Animation: MPC

Music: Mophonics

Sound Design: Lime Studios


Animation: Starbeast

Music: Mike Newport

Sound Design: Radiate Sound

Help for Brothers and Sisters

Animation: Psyop

Music: Teenage Diplomat

Sound Design: Lime Studios

What Is Cancer?”

Animation: Studio Pigeon

Music: Black Iris

Sound Design: Lime Studios

Long Hospital Stay

Animation: Titmouse

Music: Travis + Maude

Sound Design: Lime Studios

Being By Yourself

Animation: Renegade Animations

Music: We Are Walker

Sound Design: Lime Studios

Being Scared

Animation: Laundry

Music: Butter

Sound Design: Lime Studios

“Staying Friends with Your Friends”

Animation: Wolf & Crow

Expected Music & Sound Design: Shindig

Title Sequence (for all films): Elastic

Title Sequence Music (for all films): Jeremy Turner