Client: Adobe
Date: Apr 2019
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A new branded entertainment project from Zach Braff, Pereira O’Dell and Adobe is based on a movie poster that was made for a movie that didn’t yet exist.

Last year, Pereira O’Dell launched a nationwide competition for college students to create a movie poster for a film that had yet to be created. It was called the #MoviePosterMovie. The winning poster, created by Boston University student Sam West, was selected out of more than 1,100 submissions. The poster featured illustrations of a candle, a pair of scissors, a pencil and paper, an apple core and an older telephone handset. The title, ‘In the Time it Takes to Get There,’ was accompanied by three laurel-framed phrases, “Very Good Cast,” “Nice Directing” and “Sooo Quirky”.

The result is a quirky, humorous and imaginative film. It features elements of West’s winning #MoviePosterMovie poster and stars some of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures, from Alicia Silverstone and Florence Pugh, to The Office’s Leslie David Baker, to the undisputable star of Netflix’s Fyre documentary, Andy King (Evian water, anyone?).

It follows a young woman in a lavish estate (Florence Pugh), who is awakened by her taskmaster (Silverstone) and told she must get ready for the day’s post (a social post, we’re led to believe) about hair tonic. As she rides in the carriage, she wonders about the meaning of her posts and that what she’s doing is “an imaginary reality…an ultimately deceitful transaction,” taking a clear stab at social influencers. She scoffs at the various merchants trying to get her to hawk their wares, then poses her best with a hair tonic she dislikes as her analog Victorian post is nailed in the nearby town.


Agency: Pereira O'Dell

Client: Adobe

Production: RSA Films

Director: Zach Braff