Client: Motorola
Date: Mar 2018
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Motorola believes that a better phone-life balance makes us happier and more connected to the people and environment around us. That’s why the company is asking people around the world to examine their smartphone behavior — good and bad.

To begin, Motorola raised awareness around the issue by filming real people on real vacations mindlessly scrolling their trips away. The campaign recently released a social experiment on that examines our mobile behavior in the real world.

Online, they're asking everyone to take the phone-life balance quiz. They're also partnering with leading minds, including Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard University, to better understand how living in a mobile world affects our state of mind, our relationships, even our productivity. It’s a start, and there is much more to come.

Can we all start using our smart phones a little more thoughtfully? Motorola is committed to help. It's time for a little phone-life balance.



Mike Hahn – Executive Creative Director

Ryan Blank – Executive Creative Director

Thiago Cruz – Creative Director

Niels West – Creative Director

Melissa Hoke – Associate Creative Director

Tom Greenwood – Associate Creative Director

Artur Lipori - Associate Creative Director

Caro Rebello - Associate Creative Director

Joe Hodapp - UX/UI


Corinne Lowry - Managing Director

Laura Kanfer - Executive Group Director

Carlos Cruz - Account Director

Grace Fiset - Account Supervisor

Melanie Greenblatt - Account Supervisor

Sydney Sadler - Account Executive

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Sanjay Cherubala - Group Director, DXA

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Ian Crowley - Associate Director, Technology Management

Keven Hamel - Associate Director, DevOps

Andrew Popp - Senior DevOps Engineer

Hari Niranjan - Senior Technical Architect

Alex Motzenbecker - Senior Application Developer

John Fakorede - Senior Application Developer

Allison Rowley - Senior Quality Assurance Analyst