Chemours: Meet Our Favorite Unknown Inventors by Ogilvy

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Chemours
Date: May 2018
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Since the beginning of time, there have been thousands of inventions and inventors that haven’t gotten their due and left out of the history books – inventors who have invented things we use every day, though we never knew their names.

With a new campaign for National Inventors Month, Chemours is celebrating the overlooked inventors. By creating an original song with original lyrics and an accompanying animation, they’ve invented 'An Ode to the Overlooked,' a two-minute song and film for overlooked inventors.

The tune celebrates the inventors of the windshield wiper (Mary Anderson), the ice-cream maker (Nancy Johnson), refrigeration (William Cullen), and others who have invented everything from batteries to security cameras and air conditioning.

In addition to the main video, Ogilvy has also created a teaser video to launch the ode, as well as a series of gifs that focus on individual inventors and their inventions.


Account Team

Rasika Narang

U-Lynn Lee

Nur Yusuf

Virginia Albert

Creative Team

Hayley Grassetti

Zachary Bucker

Tom Greenwood

Mike Hahn

Joe Perry

Production Team

Lauren Ziffer

Amanda Kresge

Karl Westman

Oliver Horvat

Legal & Licensing

Gloria Hall

Klarna: Smoooth Dogg

Added 17 January 2019
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