Client: Nike
Date: May 2022
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To celebrate its 50th birthday, sportswear giant Nike has enlisted Spike Lee to direct and star alongside Indigo Hubbard-Salk in its latest ad that’s asking viewers: ‘Think you’ve seen it all?’

In the minute-long clip, the duo is sitting playing a game of chess when Lee begins reminiscing about all the great sporting moments he’s witnessed over the years – from Tiger Woods winning championships to Kobe Bryant scoring for the LA Lakers.

Hubbard-Salk listens to the director but takes a moment to cheekily remind him of all the amazing sportspeople that have come since, citing basketball player Ja Morant and Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka among the new superstars.

The film ends with the actress telling Lee: “Look OG, no disrespect, I know you think you’ve seen everything, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Checkmate!” as Nike’s infamous strapline appears on the screen.