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Date: Aug 2019
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Herbal Essences is letting passersby pick 'leaves' from its interactive billboards to help save endangered butterflies.

The billboards, by Mr President, are covered with two kinds of greenery. Leafy garlands hang from the top, drawing attention to the rest of the billboard, which has ‘pickable’ green leaves, each one studded with wildflower seeds meant to attract butterflies.

A blog post by Mr President explains: “Just like bees, butterflies are major pollinators, controlling the population of a variety of plants and insects. With 17.2% of butterfly species endangered in the UK, Herbal Essences and Kew Gardens are stepping up to help combat the depleting population.”

The billboards contain 3,000 detachable leaves embedded with the seeds. Text on the back, branded with Herbal Essences and the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens logo, states that by picking one of the leaves, people can “unleash Mama Nature’s secrets” by planting the seeds at home.


Herbal Essences

Mr President