Client: Lego
Date: Mar 2020
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Lego has given the cult classic Fiat 500 the Lego brick treatment and to celebrate the launch, Lego has reimagined the infamous Fiat ads from the 60s using this authentic-looking Lego version.

This legend from the late 60s is complete with all of the authentic-looking details to bring this icon to life, from a luggage rack with suitcase, detailed interior, and opening roof, to a folding easel with a paintbrush, palette and small ‘painting’ of the car in front of the famous Colosseum in Rome.

“We chose to recreate the Fiat 500 into Lego form because we wanted to have a car that was iconic, very new and cool and the Fiat 500 was the perfect fit. It was about simplicity, roundedness, coolness and everything being fresh so it’s a representative of that era,” said Pierre Normandin, Lego designer.


The Lego Group