Agency: Goodkids
Client: Air France
Date: Oct 2018
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Six months after the launch of Louis, a chatbot relating to baggage, Lucie was born with an ambitious goal: to book your perfect trip through a conversational experience.

Knowing that two thirds of social media users do not have a specific destination in mind, Lucie offers a fun and innovative conversational experience to everyone.

Addressing millennials, Air France's bot defined a playful tone and witty visual language living on one full edit and three specific cut-downs for media targeting. Reaching travelers from France, Canada, US and UK, Lucie brings fun and rich content through an innovative touchpoint to support sales: social conversational commerce.


Manuel Tocanne (Creative Director), Alexis Willis (Director), Nicolas Fretelliere (Managing Director),18-55 (Production), Chut on vous Ecoute (Sound design)