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Equinox: Life's a Ball

Client: Equinox
Date: Jun 2019
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Equinox, the global high performance lifestyle leader, launched its 'Life’s a Ball' campaign, celebrating Pride and the New York City Ballroom community, and benefitting House Lives Matter, the only organization for the House Ballroom Community by the House Ballroom Community.

Equinox has partnered with the icons and legends in the New York City Ballroom community including Legendary Veronica Miyake Mugler, Legendary Chyna Prodigy, Legendary Asia Balenciaga, Legendary Tamiyah Miyake Mugler, the Icon Sinia Alaia, the Icon Leiomy Maldonado and Up-and-Coming Legendary Tati Finesse to star in the campaign.

'Life’s a Ball' honors the power and magnificence of trans women of color in their performance element and shares a message of equality, fostering sisterhood and expressing pride all through movement. Each woman delivers a winning performance, dancing solo in a frame surrounded by her sisters, each showcasing one iconic element of vogue performance: Dips, Spins, Catwalks, Hands, Hair Whip, Duck Walk, and Floor Performance.

Equinox has partnered with House Lives Matter, a home-grown peer leadership and advocacy project that promotes wellness, quality of life, rights and resiliency among youth and adults in the House Ballroom Community (HBC) and mobilizes HBC members from different Houses and regions across the US (and globally) around a shared advocacy agenda. Equinox is House Lives Matter’s first-ever brand partner.For every post using #PoweredbyPride or a GIPHY sticker from the campaign used in the month of June, Equinox will donate $1 to House Lives Matter. In addition, all ticket sales from the June 8th Equinox Master Class will also be donated to House Lives Matter.


Campaign Direction: RanaVerse

Directed by: Sammy Rawal

MC / Executive Producer: The Icon Jack Mizrahi

Producer: The Icon Sinia Alaia

Music: DJ Byrell The Great

Styling: Tess Herbert

Production: Believe Media

Hair: Yusef Williams

Make Up: Jacen Bowen and Tiffany Lucio

Nails: Junie Bee Nails

Stills: Tyrell Hampton