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Jewish dating site Jdate has launched 'Yenta Programmers,' its first advertising effort in three years. The campaign is currently running on 300 billboards in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“Back in the shtetl days, old Jewish women, or Yentas, served as matchmakers. It was their job to bring couples together and keep the tribe alive,” explained independent creative director David Roth, who created the campaign with Hogarth Worldwide. “Our campaign casts the traditional yentas as Jdate programmers coding through the night to build the best Jewish matchmaking site.”

In the advertisements, three adorable grandmothers wear the typical Silicon Valley programmer outfit (branded hoodie & t-shirt, beanie, and oversized headphones). But the ladies are smartly accessorized with age-appropriate fashion like orthopedic shoes and clunky granny glasses.

To re-enforce the tech company setting, they are surrounded by energy drinks, post-it notes, and laptops.

“Kvetch all day. Code all night” reads one headline. “She knows JavaScript, Python, and Shirley Finkelstein’s grandson” reads another. “Her dreidel game is filthy but her code is clean” reads a third. The tagline is simply “Powered by Yentas.”

Jdate most recently advertised in 2014 using crowdsourced creative. That effort, which targeted millennials, was titled “Get Chosen” and contained cheeky copy such as "Meet Mr. Right to Left” and “Because Dating Shouldn't Be as Hard As Parting the Red Sea.”



Mark Ody: Chief Marketing Officer

Bart Visser: Global Head of Brand Marketing

Laetitia Pélatan: Brand Manager

David Roth & Associates

David Roth: Creative Director

Shaun Bruce: Associate Creative Director/Art Director

Yuriy Mikhalevskiy: Copywriter

Hogarth Worldwide

Lauren Weinfuss: Senior Account Manager

Nora Krupitsky: Assistant Producer

Sabine Rogers: Art Buyer & Producer

Frank Carvalho: Client Services Director

Randal Ford Photography