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Apple rivers, grass roads, giant cats made of apples, trees replacing streetlights...they say dreaming is for dreamers, but Strongbow Apple Cider dares to disagree. The cider company decided to instead believe in the imaginations of those who can still dream of a world where nature can be brought back into the city.

Created by Cloudfactory, Director Fredrik Bond of Sonny London, and The Mill, ‘A Nature Dream’ is the latest installment in the brand’s Nature Remix campaign. The creative team cast Mary Mattingly and Monsieur Plant to play the leads in the film, two real individuals who dedicate their lives and passion to living organically.



Agency: Cloudfactory

Producer: Lars Fabery de Jonge

Creative Partner: Sandrine Huijgen

Creative Partner: Jessica Kersten

Account: Steven Beukers, Olivia Koning

Production Company

Production Company: Sonny London

Director: Fredrik Bond

Executive Producer: Helen Kenny

Producer: Alicia Richards

Director of Photography: Hoyte Van Hoytema

Art Director: Elliott Hostetter

Facility Company: Kinema Films Mexico

Executive Producer, Kinema Films: Jose Ludlow


Editing Company: Marshall Street Editors, London

Editor: Patric Ryan


VFX: The Mill

Executive Producer: Leighton Greer

Producer: Alex Bader

Shoot Supervisor: Becky Porter, David Lawson

2D Lead Artist: Becky Porter

3D Lead Artist: David Lawson

FX Lead: Phill Mayer

Asset Lead: Chris Goodrich

2D Artists: Martin Karlsson, Jeannie Huynh (Remedy), Ben Smith, Daniel Lang, Jason Bergman

3D Artists: Juan Zavala, Sean Durnan, Shaun Comly, Ziye Liu, Jacob Bergman,

Erik Zimmermann, Ahmed Elmatarawi, Berk Hakguder, Charles Storniolo, Ziming Liu, Chase Webb, Robert Chapman, Cory Cosper, Bridget Warrington, Blake Guest, Jason Jansky, Danny Garcia, Michael Lori, Jenna Kind, Alice Panek, Freddy Para, Steven Olson, Samantha Pedregon

Matte Painting: Rasha Shalaby, Itai Muller

Concept Artist: Nathan McKenna, Krystal Sae Eua


Colour: The Mill

Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson

Colour Producer: Diane Valera

Production Coordinator, Colour: Robert Cohen

Colourist: Adam Scott